Garage Door Calibration

it’s a common everyday occurrence for a garage door to fall off track and often because the Garage door springs were not calibrated, it’s a simple 2 minute check to be sure that when your Garage  door opens all the way up the cables are going to stay on and not due to slack, jump the drum and the garage door falls because the  spring loaded cable had come undone ,

This is what is looks like to test the balance and calibration of your garage door, simply disengage the Garage door opener so that you can open the Garage door manually and lift the  Garage Door half way as shown in the above photo, if the door stays open there and not roll down, congratulations your door is still calibrated, but if your door should fall to the floor, its out of calibrations and should be tended to because danger of a fall is bound to happen every time your garage door opens,   and goes all the way up past the point where the slack is in the cable

And this goes for all Garage Doors no matter the size or weight and material such as metal door or wood Garage door which are twice as heavy without a working spring , you garage door unattached to the door should stay up and hang in the halfway point . this should be checked at least twice per year, failure so is a costly repair you could avoid


this is the outcome of a  Garage Door that is out of calibration 

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