Garage Door Broke


Garage Door Torsion Springs:

•We recommend replacing the  galvanized torsion springs with a oil tempared  torsion springs they are more consistent  in  staying calibrated longer and much better for your Garage Door  We also carry springs for any  standard residential Garage door for a Flat rate of only $50.00.


•Hinges are a very important part of the folding action of each section as it goes up and down. The hinges keep the sections in proper alignment. There’s different gauges (thickness) of hinges made. Thicker ones have a Lifetime Warranty. Thinner ones often bend or break and they should be checked for wear once a year.

Garage Door Rollers:

•Rollers are the main component that keeps your garage door rolling smoothly and safely. The nylon bearing rollers have a Lifetime Warranty. A true sign of roller failure is the rollers themselves come out of track. They should be checked once a year before failure. what you look for is the roller lean, they should be straight up and not leaning due to missing bearing.


•Cables are a very important part of your garage door going up and down level. Cables carries the entire weight of your door. If your cable is worn, starting to break, or the cable off the drum, it will cause your garage door to derail and possibly injure you, your family or your car. Your cables should be checked once a year.